The Beautiful Truth Group exists to help people embrace life with purpose — as individuals, as businesses and in our world. The group consists of three brands that share a cause, a set of values, and a studio space. But above all, they share a belief in a world where people’s values, ambitions and business align - to create lasting benefit for all stakeholders, and to overcome the challenges of our world.

The Magazine

The Beautiful Truth is a magazine that celebrates the people and businesses who are embracing life with purpose - to create a more empathetic, more equitable, and greener world.

The Beautiful truth
The Consultancy

TBT is a consultancy that helps businesses to understand and embed purpose, in order to benefit both stakeholders and shareholders.

We are TBT
The Film Studio

Connected Pictures is a film studio whose work is about finding and expressing an organisation’s purpose in all its forms. Human stories have the power to change the world. These are the stories we tell.

Connected Pictures